Inspirational Poems: Lightning’s Gift

Inspirational poems nourish the spirit.

Everything in life has a gift for you, even things that seem destructive. Enjoy one of my inspirational poems, “Lightning's Gift”

Lightning's Gift

Ronda Del Boccio

inspirational poems - Lightning's Gift


bolts strike hard,


Grandfather Oak wrent.

Shredded trunk and branches,

Centuries torn asumder.

Insides out and outsides under,

Bearing his secrets, sharing his truth

Even in death, Oak has more to bestow.

Storm’s bequest ensured in devastation

Wind-born treasures carried in the squall

Alight to grow in death's embrace

Sky fire strike, a death to one.

Keeps the circle going.

Next generations,

Nurtured in ash,

Arise strong.



(c) 2013 by Ronda Del Boccio You are welcome to share this with my attribution intact.

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What inspires me most is when I write on purpose and do anything else that lets me be true to who I am.

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