Author: Does Your Book Title Sing?

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, short piece or novel, the title is one of the elements that first captures or loses a prospective reader's attention. So it better be great.

The job of a title is simply to grab your busy possible reader's attention and make her want to know, "What's that?"

A Tasty Morsel Book Tease: Bloodlust awakens, secreted deep in a cave. Humans are tasty. A Tasty Morsel by Ronda Del Boccio, available on Amazon Kindle

I had been trying to find the perfect title for my fantasy suspense novel for weeks. I played with various ones, and finally got it. Yay! Below, I'll share techniques I use to get a title that sings.

When a title "sings," you FEEL it in your body. Sure, it touches the ear just right too, but once you've found the right one, it feels right.

Here are some of my titles.

  • A Tasty Morsel
  • "Into the Bubble" (spiritual fantasy short story"
  • Deadly Mist: Mirrored Worlds, Book 1 (fantasy-suspense novel, available to publish)
  • Real Dogs Don't Eat Kibble by Sandra Bailey
  • "She Had a Curfew...I Had a Van" (award-winning short story.
  • "Hillbilly Heaven" (award-winning short story)

Crafting Titles That Sing

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