Time for a New Guide Dog: Leader Dog Chronicles

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When my amazing guide dog Molly made her transition across the Rainbow Bridge, I could barely breathe. A bright shining light extinguished. Still, almost 21 months later, I am crying as I write this. That should tell you how much she still means to me.

Early Retirement

Molly Flagtail on an adventure with Mom!

The photo above of Molly in her harness sitting in the airplane seat, looking quite pleased with herself, is my favorite picture of her. Oh, my heart still aches after all this time! I am so very grateful she was part of my life! She touched so many lives!

I had to retire her a couple years before that last awful trip to the vet, because her joints were failing. She hurt herself umping out of an SUV because she wouldn't wait for me to help her. Thattrip was our last. I got along with a white cane.

The interesting thing was that even though she only went with me down to her Grammy's house (my mom), I could still rely on her senses through that tight psychic bond we shared.

Car rides and active guide duty were a thing of the past, but as a home owner, I could keep her and continue to shower her with love.

Grief Beyond All Comprehension

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