Need Help Deciding Your Planning Style?

In the first #planner post, I asked you to consider “What do I want to track in my planner?” Now, see how to turn that into your planner style so you can get stuff done! #PlannerLove #PlannerCommunity #PlannerNerd #BLISSfulLife

If you'd asked me about my planning style a couple months ago, I would have wondered what in the world you were talking about. I hadn't used a paper planner since the '90s. I went to using Google Calendar for appointments (still do).

While briefly sharing my planner story here, I'll show you how you can choose your own planning style based on your needs.
Dec26-31, 2016 Plan

Size Matters: What size planner is best?

Yeah, ok...size matters. You want to decide Continue reading "Need Help Deciding Your Planning Style?"