Resistance is Futile: What You Resist Persists

"Resistance is futile," is THE quintessential Borg statement in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's just as true here in what we, perhaps mistakenly, call "reality" as much as it is for the Collective.

There's a saying that what you resist persists. Do you doubt it?

If you're unsure, do this experiment right now. I twill only take a few seconds.

Physics joke: Join the Resistance"... Ohmmm

Don't think of anything yellow.

OK, you probably tried not thinking of yellow, didn't you?

Did it work?

You probably tussled with your brain, trying to resist the color yellow, but most likely, a parade of yellow things passed before your mind's eye or in your brain one way or another.

  • Bananas
  • sunshine
  • sunflowers
  • tabby cats
  • dandelions
  • daffodils
  • yellow labs
  • forsythia
  • corn
  • flax

and the list goes on.

What are You Resting in your life?

Resisting something is easy. Tired of your health? Hate your job? Feel stuck? Those are all signs that you're resting, and that's setting up an unhelpful loop that's keeping you exactly where you don't want to be.

Here's how resistance might show up for you.

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