How can you use Google Hangouts to build your author platform?

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+Denise Wakeman​ shares these valuable insights. I will absolutely he paying close attention.


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Authors, are you using live video to connect with your readers?

Here's my contribution to Write Non-Fiction in November hosted by +Nina Amir 

If you're using Hangouts on Air to connect with readers and sell you books, let me know. I'd love to see what you're up to!

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Use Hangouts On Air to Grow Your Author Platform
Google Hangouts on Air are a great way to grow your author platform, because they are a fast way to get seen, build trust and connect with your readers.


Do You Have a COMPELLING Amazon Author Profile? Free Author Quick Class

What do people see when the scroll down to the author part of your Amazon book page? A blank face?

People need to be able to see your "street cred" if they dcon't already know and love  you. This 20 minute quick class shows you how to build a robut author profile that showcases YOU and helps you sell more books.

No registration required, but it's more fun to be there live.

See you there!

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Ronda Del Boccio
author, speaker, & SOcial Media Director for Oghma Creative Media
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Want to stand above other authors? and sell more books 

Book marketing isn't just hawking books. It's having a true presence online and off. People need to be able to see who you are and what you do.

When people see your book page on Amazon, they also see YOU. What are you showing them? A blank face with no info? or do you come across as a real pro with your website, Twitter, photos, videos and a robust bio?

Attend this 20 minute training and get the scoop on how to showcase you and your work. If you can't attend, you can watch the video later, but live is cool, because you can get started in real time on your author profile.

See you there!
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FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors – How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can…

FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors - How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can Help You Sell More Books

Until last week, you couldn't offer pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle books. Now you can! Learn how tomake the most of this opportunity during this free miniclass.

It's LIVE right here, on the event page, Google+ and YouTube. And of course, that means it's recorded for your future education as well.

Get the scoop on weekly free mini-classes and get your free special report "7 Ways to Make Money While Still Writing  Your book" at

See you in class  Follow your BLISS,

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KDP Authors, did you know you can now sell pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle releases? It's super easy to do, and in this 20 minute quick class, I'll show you WHY to do it and how tomake the most of it.

This class is recorded and remains in YouTube, but I hope you can come live. Please ask any questions in the comments so I can serve y ou well.

Come back each week for a new mini-class for authors. What do YOU want to know more about? Please answer this super quick survey and let me know

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Authors: Do you have a robust Amazon author Profile?

As an author, you want to sell more books, right? Here's one thing that will help, and it will take less than an hour to add to your toolbox.

You definitely want this piece of prime webreal estate. Go to and complete your author profile.  '

Your author profile is different from your customer and reviewer profiles. It's there to showcase your books. It's free and easy to complete, and once you have it up, just go back every season or so and give it a fresh look.

Why you want to complete your Author Central Profile

1. You should avail yourself of every possible advantage that's freely available to Amazon authors.

2. It gives you a place to hook up your blog so the posts show up on Amazon, show your latest tweet, add events, post videos, host  your bio, and otherwise enhance your author profile.

3. This author page will tend to rank high in search engine results for yuor name, your book, etc. When you pepper it with the right key phrases, it can help you get more traffic and customers.

Feel free to post YOUR Amazon Author Profile link in the comments. Mine's you can use mine as a template if you like!

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Ronda Del Boccio, #TheStorLady
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