How to Add a Send to Kindle Button to Your Author Website or Blog

imagine you're putting out great material on your blog and your reader is too busy to digest it all right then. You can add a special button that lets them send it to their Kindle app or reader to read later, even when they're not on the internet.

If you'd like to add a Send to Kindle button to your website/blog, here's how to do it.

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How can the Send to Kindle Button Help Me Spread My Message?

Amazon now has added a new way for content publishers to serve your audience: the send to Kindle button.

You have probably been in this situation before: You see a great post on a blog and you want to read it later. Maybe you even save the link in your bookmarks, but later…what site was that? Where did I put that link?

the send to Kindle button in action

Now, you can serve your readers and share your message by adding a handy button to your site or self-hosted WordPress blog. Here's the news straight from the Kindle Blog

The Send to Kindle Button

by Kindle Editors on 03/19/2013

Sending web content to Kindle is now easier than ever.

We are excited to announce the "Send to Kindle Button", a convenient new way to send content directly from a website to your Kindle.  Customers can check out the Send to Kindle Button today on The Washington Post, TIME, and the popular blog Boing Boing.

Have you ever encountered news, blogs, articles and other content on the web that you want to read but don't have time to do so immediately? The Send to Kindle Button lets you easily send that content to your Kindle to read later, at your convenience. Just send once and read everywhere on any of your Kindle devices or free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones or tablets. No more hunting around for that website or blog that caught your eye -- just open your Kindle and all the content you sent is right there.

The Send to Kindle Button is also great for those who want to collect content from the web to use in work projects, school assignments, or hobbies.

The Send to Kindle Button is part of a family of Send to Kindle applications that make it easy for customers to send personal documents and web content to read on their Kindle. To find out more about other Send to Kindle applications for PC, Mac, Chrome, and Firefox, please visit

If you happen to own a website and want to add the Send to Kindle Button, you can get it for free at or at for WordPress bloggers.

Installing the Send to Kindle Button on Your WordPress Blog

It's so simple to install the send to Kindle button!

1. Login to the admin panel of your blog.

2. Go to “add plugin” under Plugins.

3. Put “send to Kindle” in the search box and click enter. The first result should be right.

4. Click “install.”

5. Look down the left column for Send to Kindle and click it. (It should be below Settings).

6. Adjust the look and placement of the button. You can add it to post, pages, archive or homepage (any or all), and adjust the size, font and color (well…light or dark at least).

7. CLICK SAVE when you're done! (I have to say that or you may forget!).

That's it!

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