Book Review of First Maggie Storm Blue Cozy Mystery Uncultured Pearl by Sherrill M. Lewis

UPDATE: I just learned that the author Sherrill Lewis died January 27, 2016 after a long battle with ALS.

Sherrill Lewis

I never knew her, but here is what Kimberly Pennell said about her: "Her husband said her two goals in life toward the end were to see all her far-flung kids and finish the 4th book in the series. She got both and died the day after finishing the book. (shiver)"

Shiver indeed! She definitely stayed around to finish what she had set out to do. I loved this book and will read the rest in the series. Now, on to the review.

Welcome back to another Write On Purpose book review. I review  well-written books, highlighting what makes each good from the reader’s perspective and what writing skills and techniques make it an irresistible read. Thus, each review serves both writers and readers.

I love cozy mysteries, and today's review is a cozy with a touch of romance.  It is a hint of romance and not graphic, thus safe for younger or more sensitive readers. I am not a fan of graphic intimacy myself.

The way I encountered this book is because I read unsolicited submissions for a publisher, and Ms. Lewis submitted her book. I suppose I outed her by telling the publisher her books are all self published and available on Amazon.

I started reading the portion of  Uncultured Pearl she submitted to the publisher and was unhappy to run out of pages. So I used my handy-dandy Kindle Unlimited subscription to read the whole book.

I typically don't review self-published books. There are a lot of bad ones, since it's free and easy to publish. I enjoyed this book a lot,, though, and there are some good teaching points for authors in what I shall share as well.

Yes, I know a commercially published book can be bad too, but at least it has seen editors. It's more likely to be not for my taste VS awful and full of errors.

OK so, here's the info about the book:

Uncultured Pearl (Maggie Storm Blue Mystery Book 1) by Sherrill Lewis

Description from

Cover of Uncoltured Pearl (Maggie Storm Blue Mystery Book 1) by Sherrill Lewis Maggie Storm Blue is taking a medical leave from her job as a PR copywriter/magician in Oklahoma City. Over the last ten years, 50-pushing-60 Maggie has experienced several psyche-battering events. De-stressing at her uncle’s idyllic lakeside home in Maine, she finds herself sidestepping her aunt’s matchmaking mischief, embroiled in solving multiple murders, and being the target of mystifying mayhem. She hopes the mayhem does not follow her back to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, she wonders, This is a vacation?

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