Book Review of Humorous Paranormal Dog Tale Twilight Bone byDevin O’Branagan

Welcome back to another Write On Purpose book review. Each week, I review a well-written book, highlighting what makes it good from the reader’s perspective and what writing skills and techniques make it an irresistible read. Thus, each review serves both writers and readers.

This week, I'm reviewing a fun and touching book told from the point of view of show dog Tally. This book has certainly gone to the dogs. O'Branagan anthropomorphizes dogs, and I often don't like when authors do that. You'll find out if this is an exception shortly. Here is the description:

Twilight Bone by Devin O'Branagan

The Twilight Bone: The Show Dog Diaries, Book 1, by Devin O'Branagan

In this tale of the paranormal, Talisman the Australian Shepherd is a feisty, young show dog with psychic gifts who is called upon to ghostbust at a prestigious dog show. Tali's companions include her neurotic sisters, the hilarious spirit of Mae West, a hyper, freestyle-dancing Border Collie, and her heart person Valentino DeMitri--who has just found his own heart person. In this humorous novella, Tali must deal with star-crossed love and a terrifying ghost haunting the dog show she is attending. Can her innate ghostbusting abilities save the day? Funny and exciting, touching and inspiring, The Twilight Bone is a chewy treat for humans of all ages!

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