Authors: Using Instagram yet?

Instagram is an excellent tool for authors. SO much you can do with it.Life - People want to know YOU, so your slice of life pics will be great.On location -  Show your writing in process, locations for stories and more.

Quotes - Share your tips and wisdom. share quotes from your book.

Have fun! Here are some fabulous tips from +Rebekah Radice  to help you start. Thanks +Peg Fitzpatrick  for bringing this to us!

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Reshared post from +Peg Fitzpatrick

How to use Instagram to Expand your Business Reach
via +Rebekah Radice

One tip:
Give a Unique Perspective
Instagram is a great place to highlight what makes your business special.

It’s also an excellent way to humanize your company.

Whether you’re taking a picture of your latest creation or sharing an upcoming event, choose eye-catching images.

Stay away from typical shots or standard stock photos. Instead, capture a unique aspect or feature."

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How to Use Instagram to Expand Business Reach
Are you using Instagram to connect with potential customers? 6 ways to use Instagram to expand business reach!


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Can Slideshare Bring You Customers?

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As an author, you're an expert in certain areas, EVEN if you write fiction. Have you thought of using Slideshare to generate interest in your book? It can be a fabulous tool when you know how to use it.Find out how Slideshare can generate leads in this great article for +Social Media Examiner  by +Peg Fitzpatrick

Reshared post from +Peg Fitzpatrick

4 Ways to Use SlideShare for Lead Generation
Are you using SlideShare presentations to market your business?

Have you considered +SlideShare as a conversion tool?

SlideShare is useful for sharing highly informative presentations with your audience, but it’s also a hot social platform. Many businesses are missing out on the huge potential of SlideShare as a social marketing and lead conversion tool.

My latest guest post for +Social Media Examiner. If you like it, please share with your network as well. Thanks!!

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How Can Authors Track Sales from Social Media?

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As an author, you talk about your book(s) and others you've read in social. Do those mentions turn into sales? Sure, but it's hard to measure what really happens.

Here's an example. I saw posts about an awesome book called Voodoo Butterfly #VoodooButterfly  on Facebook. I didn't get it. Some days later, I went to Amazon and got it. But the trail from Camille Fay's mention (or whoever posted the original I saw), cannot be measured as a social sale because the trail died.

This is an excelltnhe post by the brilliant and way cool +Jay Baer  (author of YouTility, 1 of my MUST READ books for authors and biz owners alike). Check this out and consider how it affects your book marketing

Some book marketing tips:
1. Encourage social sharing right in your book as well as on your blog/site and in social media.
2. Create a hashtag for your book. Put it into the book and encourage readers to use it when spreading the word online.
3. Spend more time in the networks your readers (ideal customer/market) use.

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Why Social Media Will Never Get the Credit It Deserves

Social media is never going to get the credit it deserves for driving commerce, and there’s a simple reason why.

Find Out Why:


Clever Ways to Use More Social Media Visuals

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+Peg Fitzpatrick shares some interesting ways to use more visuals in your social media.
#socialmediatips   #socialmediamarketingReshared post from +Guy Kawasaki

12 Clever Ways to Use More Visuals on Social Media
Are you creating your Pinterest graphic and pinning it? How about embedding each pin on your blog post?
More tips here >>
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Learn more visual marketing about on a free webinar next week:

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How Do You Make the Perfect Pinterest Pin?

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Using any social network means understanding how it works. Here's the short course in pinning.As an author always looking for book marketing help, it's important to understand that you can't just throw any old t hing at Pinterest or any other network and see what sticks.

Social media genius and #best selling author of The Art of Social Media  +Peg Fitzpatrick  shows you how to craft the perfect pin.

She and uber-author +Guy Kawasaki  share loads of tips and strategies for maximizing your social media efforts in this book. You can get the your copy now at

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Reshared post from +Peg Fitzpatrick

How to Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed
Have you heard about the Pinterest smart feed and how it impacts your exposure?

Are you wondering what it means for your pins?

With its new smart feed, Pinterest enhanced key features, which means you need to do things differently to make your pins stand out.

In this article I’ll explain the Pinterest smart feed and how to use Pinterest’s changes to your advantage. If you learned something from this article, please share it with your network.

Read it all here:

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My first guest post for +Social Media Examiner
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GREAT NEWS! Live Google Hangouts on Air Now Show in Google Search!

Imagine your ieal customer/reader is searching Google and they come upon the answer they're seeking from YOU, and you're doing a live event right then and there! That si what is now open to every   #author  . Read on for details.

Thank you +Denise Wakeman  & 
+Ronnie Bincerfor sharing!

Reshared post from +Ronnie Bincer

Your Live Hangout on Air Broadcast displayed on Search!
This is experimental... This is rolling out... Two phrases that mean you may or may not see this happen in your online world. But the idea that may show your Live HOA Broadcast when people search for relevant terms is quite wonderful!

Here is the official announcement page:

...And some text summarized from that page:
A live event will start to show up in search up to 3 hours before it starts.
Click "Watch Live Event" and you'll be taken to the Event Page. If the event is live, press the play arrow to watch, if it will be live later on, then choose "Yes" to the Are you going to watch? question and the event will be added to your Google Calendar along with some reminders.

So what can we do to help this happen for our broadcasts?
► Use HOA Titles that are relevant to searchers
► Schedule your HOA activity ahead of time so Google can find it
► Early on (before you broadcast) Edit/Add meta data to your HOA events via the YouTube Live Event interface... more relevant info helps Google surface your HOA in search... Video SEO tactics apply

To learn what you need to know about the HOA tools, join us in the membership community called Hangout Mastery... details at
=== ===
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h/t: +Peter Lunn +Kath Dawson +Bern Rexer +Craig Long for the find

Watch live events on Google - Search Help

We're rolling out an experiment where you can easily find YouTube live events or Hangouts on Air to watch by searching for the event on For example, if an author is answering questions