Just When I Decided It Was Time for a New Guide Dog: Leader Dog Chronicles

My first Leader Dog Chronicle was a tale of tears and longing. This is not. This is a tale of synchronicity, which means fortuitous timing, in case that's a new $100 word for you!

Tired of being dogless back in March of this year, I was just considering maybe I didn't have to train my own this time and could go get a new, fully trained dog, but I wasn't "there" yet.  I woke up early one morning and mulled over it in bed. Perhaps it was time to get a dog. Maybe not.

Molly Flagtail lying on my mom's paisley print couch


My friend Seana came to visit me. She has a hearing/mobility service dog whom she trained. We were in the grocery store when an older couple talked to us. They asked about her dog. At first they assumed it was a guide dog, which most people do unless they've seen a variety of service dogs.

I shared that I used to have a guide dog named Molly. The man, Terry, said, "We're with the Lions Club. We've been wanting to help place a Leader Dog with a blind person in this area for years."

The switch in my brain flipped into the YES position, accompanied with a long and satisfying display of sparkle, confetti and fireworks. Continue reading "Just When I Decided It Was Time for a New Guide Dog: Leader Dog Chronicles"