Authors: Save Time & Auto-Post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with NEW Social Jukebox

Authors have a lot to do.

  1. Write books.
  2. Edit said books.
  3. Proofread said books.
  4. Get said books off to alpha and beta readers.
  5. Seek publishing or set up self publishing...of yeah those books.
  6. And let us not forget...MARKET those books...
  7. and connect with readers...
  8. and do live in person &/or virtual events.

WHEW! That's an exhausting list!

Don't you love to save time and energy?

Well DUH! Of COURSE you do! Who doesn't. I mean...nobody is going to raise their hand and proclaim proudly, "I have NOTHING to do, so please, pile on more STUFF TO DO!"

Social media alone could devour 24/7 if you let it, and that will only account for a small percentage of your book sales anyway.

People tell me, "Ronda, you're EVERYWHERE? Do you sleep?"

Yes, I sleep. I'm everywhere because of some wonderful tricks and hacks As a matter of fact, I'm working on a book called 101 Tricks and Hacks for Writers right now. One of my favorite Cool Tools is in that book.

I know you're asking:

"How can I save time and energy on social media, Ronda?"

You probably feel like an exhausted hamster in a wheel, scurrying around to do this and that in a constant flurry of activity.


Slow down. Take a breath. I've got you. Check this out.

The 1-Post Problem

You write a blog post, upload a video, or whatever, and you share it once all over. Then what? Who has time to go back around every week or so and share one of your older posts?

That's the 1 post problem. It's hard to keep sharing your awesome past content.

The Social Jukebox Solution

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