Don’t Just Plan: LIVE the plan Video tutorial

Did you ever spend a lot of time planning but then not follow the plan? Here are some tips for LIVING your plan #BLISSfulLife #LiveThePlan #planning #PlannerGirl #PlannerCommunity #PlannerNerd

I have learned that a lot of people who love planning aren't that great about making their plans a reality. That loses the point of planning.

Now, I'm a plantser...half planner, half pantser (as in "seat of the pants" in case that didn't make sense). I get most of the things I set out to do done. Not all, of course. Life happens sometimes, but most.

So if you can allow the blind to lead you, watch this video!

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Authors: Video Tutorial: How Can Kindle Pre-Orders Help Sell More Books?

This video tutorial shows you how to amp up your #bookmarketing before you even publish with Kindle Direct Publishing by using Kindle Pre-Orders.

If you're an indie author publishing with Kindle, you can use a new feature of Kindle Direct Publishing to help you sell more books...Kindle Pre-Orders.

Cool, right? You can build buzz for your book and make pre-orders available to your ans.

Here's a video tutorial showing you how, and more importantly, WHY, Kindle Pre-Orders can help you sell more books and amp up your book marketing efforts..

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Video Tutorial: Making Friends with Google Drive 2015

This is a video tutorial that shows you why you will love Google Drive. You get the basics of when you might want to use it and where to get specific help with things like file editing and sharing. #GoogleDrive #VideoTutorial

Have you tried Google Drive? It's a fabulous suite of tools, and it can save a whole lot of trouble with file formats.

Dealing with some technophobes recently, I decided to make a video tutorial to help them make friends with Google Drive. As an author, it can help you in so many ways, so here is that tutorial.

Why Use Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud platform that lets you work with all sorts of documents. It includes:

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheets
  • Forms
  • Presentations

And you don't need MS Office or similar suites to use it. And no more issues of not having this or that program to open a document.

And its free

My Google Drive Product Review

I love it because I can access files in Drive from any device, and I can choose to share them, or not, with anyone or only with specific people.

It's a fabulous tool for collaboration. I'm on a committee, and I put all our PDFs, docs, spreadsheets and forms in Drive so we can have easy access. No more emailing files back and forth and working on an outdated version!r

Google Drive Video Tutorial

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Want help with things like file editing, sharing, and creating forms?

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Amp Up Your Amazon Author Profile!

How would you like to have Amazon help you build your author platform and build your following for you? Here’s how.

Wouldn't you love it if helped you grow your author platform and find new readers?

They do! It's called Author Central, and you not only can but SHOULD get (or update) your account right this minute. It only takes a few minutes to set yourself up for success.

As an author of a published book (or a chapter/story in a published book), it's vitally important for you to have a robust Amazon Author Profile. That's how you really set yourself apart as a real professional author.

With your Author Central profile complete, you can:

  • Add your blog to Amazon so your new posts automagically appear.
  • Add your Twitter account so readers and potential readers can see your tweets.
  • Add photos and videos that make you come to life for current and possible customers.

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