Do You Have a COMPELLING Amazon Author Profile? Free Author Quick Class

What do people see when the scroll down to the author part of your Amazon book page? A blank face?

People need to be able to see your "street cred" if they dcon't already know and love  you. This 20 minute quick class shows you how to build a robut author profile that showcases YOU and helps you sell more books.

No registration required, but it's more fun to be there live.

See you there!

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Want to stand above other authors? and sell more books 

Book marketing isn't just hawking books. It's having a true presence online and off. People need to be able to see who you are and what you do.

When people see your book page on Amazon, they also see YOU. What are you showing them? A blank face with no info? or do you come across as a real pro with your website, Twitter, photos, videos and a robust bio?

Attend this 20 minute training and get the scoop on how to showcase you and your work. If you can't attend, you can watch the video later, but live is cool, because you can get started in real time on your author profile.

See you there!
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Ronda Del Boccio
Social Media Director, Oghma Creative Media
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FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors – How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can…

FREE 20 Minute MiniClass: KDP Kindle Authors - How & WHY Kindle Pre-Orders Can Help You Sell More Books

Until last week, you couldn't offer pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle books. Now you can! Learn how tomake the most of this opportunity during this free miniclass.

It's LIVE right here, on the event page, Google+ and YouTube. And of course, that means it's recorded for your future education as well.

Get the scoop on weekly free mini-classes and get your free special report "7 Ways to Make Money While Still Writing  Your book" at

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KDP Authors, did you know you can now sell pre-orders of your upcoming Kindle releases? It's super easy to do, and in this 20 minute quick class, I'll show you WHY to do it and how tomake the most of it.

This class is recorded and remains in YouTube, but I hope you can come live. Please ask any questions in the comments so I can serve y ou well.

Come back each week for a new mini-class for authors. What do YOU want to know more about? Please answer this super quick survey and let me know

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Writing Prompt: Let Music Inspire Your Short Story

Writers write. Every day. even when I'm into a long project, I like to write short stories. They provide a nice change of scenery, so to speak, and they let me step out of the larger work for a short time, which often brings fresh energy and perspective.

Try this writing prompt and see what you can create!

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Writing Prompt
"Using your favorite lyrical song as inspiration, write a short story of three to five paragraphs. Bonus points for capturing the feel as well as the general message of the song in your writing."



Adding Locations to Your Stories

Whether you're writing a novel, short story, creative nonfiction piece or something else, including well known places adds life to your tale.

Here's an example from the paranormal suspense novel on which I'm working, They All Died Smiling. Part of the book happens in Chicago, and thus some of the action occurs at places that anyone from the Windy City can recognize.

One scene happens at Lou Mitchell's, in business since 1923.. I have eaten at this landmark, but it has been abo9ut 3 decades since I was last in town.

Why did I choose this location? Because it's real, even if th4e staff and customers appearing in it are figments of my vivid imagination. Using real places brings an immediacy to a tale, even if the reader has never been there.

When you as the author have experienced something, you write about it with a depth of sensory detail that you may miss if you're writing about "some made-up restaurant."

One of the scenes happens in the Chicago subway and I share my real-life experiences of being rocked back on my heels by the wind of an approaching train with my character. Had I never been there, I might not know what it's like to be there. Members of my critique group said they appreciated the sensory details that make the experience come to life for them.

If you know me well, you may be surprised I'm writing a story that takes place here on earth. True, I often create worlds for fantasy stories. Yet even for those, I translate my experiences right here on terra firma to other worlds and realities.

Bestselling author Ruth Weeks said, "You are at an advantage as a blind person, because you focus on more than the visuals, and it comes out in your work."

How will you add real-world places to your stories? Answer in the comments, and feel encouraged to share this posts with your people.

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Lou Mitchell's Restaurant
Lou Mitchells - Chicago Restaurant - Breakfast


How readable Is Your Writing?

Most of the people who come to me for help writing a book hold PhDs or super specialized knowledge. It's so easy to use jargon or "$50 words" without realizing that you've lost most of your audience.

How can you make sure your writing is readable for your audience? You can follow this advice from +Write a Writing .

Being readable doesn't mean you're assuming the reader is dumb. It means you're being courteous and speaking like a real person, not like an "above it all" expert.

I hope you enjoy this! Say what you learned when you join the conversation.

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Check Your Readability Statistics
This post aims to show you how to check the #readability  level and statistics of your content in the most widely used word editor out there, #microsoftword .
In doing so, we will reveal how one click can reveal comprehensive counts (words, characters, paragraphs and sentences), averages (sentences per paragraph, words per sentences and so on), and readability level (passivity, Flesch Kincaid Level and much more).
Read on:

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#026 How Do I Keep My reader Reading My Book? Awakened Author Adventure Episode 26

#026 How Do I Keep My Reader Reading My Book? Awakened Author Adventure Episode 26

Welcome to the Awakened Author Adventure free writing podcast, where visionaries like you come for resources, tools and direction to help you write, publish and share your life-changing book!

Each week you get help in 1 of the 5 keys to author success in the BLISS Butterfly System, including how to write a book, book marketing help and more.

Your guide on this adventure is #1 best selling author, speaker and mentor Ronda Del Bocciothe Story Lady, (namely me). I’m PASSIONATE about turning world-changers into bestselling authors with grace, joy and ease.

Today’s teaching comes from the  I in the BLISS System for publishing –  which is to say imprinting your message into people's hearts and lives.

. This is the Tuesday audio message for Awakened Author Premium Members that you get to hear. It's your peek behind the curtain into making your dreams come true for your book and beyond!

Publishing a book, a video, a podcast, a blog post… means giving your ideas form. No more are you going to become an author someday. You can write it NOW following the simple tips and templates for authorship that you hear each week in this free podcast.

BLISS Butterfly - Follow your bliss - Follow Your B.L.I.S.S. - Celebrity Author Mentor - Book Marketing Coach - Ronda Del Boccio

IMPRINT - Follow Your BLISS Poster - BLISS Butterfly - Write on Purpose

Theme of the Week –  Mesmerizing Middles!

.Last week's theme was Strong Starts. You can hear that message in Episode 25.

This week is all about how you can create mesmerizing middles and keep up momentum. Today's message for free listeners is about keeping up your publishing momentum.

It's all too common for authors to get excited about podcasting or creating videos or being on a new-for-you social network…only to lose momentum a few weeks later.

ITunes is littered with podcasts of 10 episodes or less, because the podcaster couldn't or didn't choose to keep up with the workflow of regular episode production.

So often, someone gets excited about blogging..for a few days or weeks. Then pretty soon it's more than a month since the last post.

This sporadic production or waning wandering is NOT the way to build your author platform! You want to keep up your momentum, and this week's episode will help you do just that.


Listen to This Week’s Episode

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What’s your most burning question about writing, publishing, blogging, social media, book marketing, mindset, storytelling, product creation, author platform – ANY aspect of being an author?

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Book Marketing Help Getting Local Publicity

+John Kremer  is the undisputed king of book marketing, and this is an excellent interview with  Cy Tymony, who shares useful tips.

remember the simple and effective. Book promotion isn't just about flashy stuff. It's really about building relationships. You'll get that and more from this interview.

Share your AHA moments in the comments and please +1 and share this post.with your author friends. (Connecting with other authors is one of Cy's recommendations, after all!)

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Reshared post from +John Kremer

Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more.

Some of Cy’s book marketing tips:

Make friends with other authors. Like them. Follow them. Help them out. Do it sincerely.

Getting local publicity. Make the news by setting up an event. Then invite the press. Smaller publicity hits lead to bigger publicity hits. PR snowballs to bigger and bigger audiences.

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20-Minute Book Marketing Podcast: Cy Tymony on Getting Local Publicity
Listen in as Cy Tymony, author of Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things, talks about working with other authors, getting local publicity, selling to museum shops, and more. Some of Cy's book marketing ti...


Could Crowd Sourcing Help You Get Your Book into the Hands of Those Who Crave It…

Could Crowd Sourcing Help You Get Your Book into the Hands of Those Who Crave It?

One of the most important tasks of any author is making sure your book fills a need and is wanted. It's important to know your ideal customer like she's your best friend so you know exactly what she wants and get it into her hands.

Crowd sourcing means you get pledges in advance for your book, and you offer premiums in exchange for those pledges, rather like +NPR or public television. It's an interesting idea, and a new platform specific to authors is rising.

Thanks to +Carole Jelen  for letting me know about Unbound, a new crows sourcing platform for authors. Here's what one of the founders says about it: (quote taken from the article quoted below):

"David Cummings, venture partner at DFJ Esprit, comments, 'What stands out about Unbound is that fans support the publication of books they want to own.' - See more at:

have you ever crowd funded a book or other project? What was your experience? Let's get a conversation going.

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Reshared post from +Growth Business UK

A new crowdfunding platform which helps authors and publishers has secured £1.2 million of growth capital from investors including DFJ Esprit #crowdfunding   #growth   #authors   #funding   #unbound  

Unbound raises £1.2 million to fund growth of writers-based crowdfunding platform
A new crowdfunding platform which helps authors and publishers has secured £1.2 million of growth capital from investors including DFJ Esprit.