Using Inspirational Quotes for Writing Prompts?

Looking for something to spark your creative juices? Try using  inspirational quotes.

I personally don't believe in "writer's block," but  I do believe in helping the creative juices flow when needed. I call it "priming the pump."

Miracles happen in moments. Be ready and willing. -Wayne Dyer inspirational quote.

One way to tickle the writer brain is to begin with something on which to focus. How about trying an inspirational quote?  Here's how it works: Continue reading "Using Inspirational Quotes for Writing Prompts?"


Innovative Way to Write a Novel Synopsis via Jan Morrill

If you're not a writer, this may surprise you. If you are an author who has ever tried to craft a synopsis for your novel or novella, you'll know this pain.

Writing a synopsis is almost harder than writing the novel itself.

Last year I was finishing up They All Died Smiling in preparation for getting it ready to pitch to an agent. By the way,  4months later, not a word from the agent. Still waiting But I digress.

I had to prepare a brief letter and a 1 page synopsis. FOr the uninitiated, this is a summary of the store, including the resolution at the end. It's supposed to cover the highlights quickly so a publisher or agent can decide if it's the sort of thing they want to see.

It's HARD. Did I mention that?

I have yet to find an author who enjoys writing them for their own book. I can help someone else write THEIRS with no sweat. Doing mine is a different matter.

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I took a haiku class from author and speaker Jan Morrill last fall. Now, I don't write a lot of poetry, but 17 syllables I figured I could handle. She made haiku relevant for non-poets. If you missed my article about how valuable her workshop was, you can read "How Can Haiku Help Your Writing."

One of her BRILLIANT suggestions that would never have occurred to me was to write a haiku summarizing your book. While this would not replace the 1-pager publishers and agents want, it can serve as a great book blurb or elevator pitch that you might even put in the letter accompanying the submission.

I invite YOU to share a haiku of your novel or novella in the comments! The typical haiku form is as follows: 3 lines, 17 syllables total, 5-7-5. Continue reading "Innovative Way to Write a Novel Synopsis via Jan Morrill"


Helen Keller Quote: The Best and Most Beautiful

I'll Push You Steer by Ronda Del Boccio and Bonnie Tesh

(NOTE: Post updated with a writing prompt and writing inspiration..)

Helen Keller inspires me.I created this in honor of her birthday. please feel encouraged to share it.

Writing inspiration: Read this Helen Keller quote. Sit with a piece of paper or your computer and write whatever comes to mind. Don't worry about whether it will ever be published. You might surprise yourself. #WritingInspiration


Graphic of an ancient tree on the right with this Helen Keller quote on the left: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart"

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart"

Helen Keller inspirational #qoote


Writing prompt: Let this quote be a writing prompt for you. Tell a story about a time when you found hidden beauty by opening your heart, not your eyes. #WritingPrompt

Looking for more nspiration?

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