Verbosity Surgery: Cut Meaningless Phrases from Your Writing

Every #writer or #author is guilty of verbosity at times, saying something in way more words than is strictly necessary. Here are 3 quick editing tips and a terrific infographic with sleeker ways to word your work. #AmEditing #WritingTips

When writing the first draft, just get the words out. Don't worry about grammar, word choice, or anything else. Just tell the story or craft the article. When it's time for editing, every work (mine, yours, everybody's) neds to go in for verbosity surgery.

Cut Out Meaningless Phrases

"Cut to the chase" is something my parents said whenever anyone (not just me) told a story that blathered on and on too long. Good advice.

A HUGE thank-you goes to Jefferson D. Bates, author of Writing with Precision, for this list of wordy phrases and their streamlined replacements.

Cut Meaningless Phrases from Your Writing

3 Quick Tips for Editing

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