Leader Dog Jemma Moolights As a Treat and Toy Tester

Not only is my fabulous Leader Dog Jemma a gorgeous and gifted guide dog, she is also and adorable product tester!

Jemma enjoys a Wyld Life Pets chew.

I am an Amazon top reviewer, & I get offers to try out products for free or steep discounts because of the quality out of my reviews.

I've been posting pictures and reviews of various dog treats and toys my wonderful girl has tried, and that's I am now being offered items for dogs. Hooray!

So she gets to try new things and show her adorable face as she please with or champs on them. I get to add to my review repertoire.

She loves these Wyld Life Pets American made bully sticks and tendons I received a free package in exchange for an honest review.

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