How Can Authors Track Sales from Social Media?

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As an author, you talk about your book(s) and others you've read in social. Do those mentions turn into sales? Sure, but it's hard to measure what really happens.

Here's an example. I saw posts about an awesome book called Voodoo Butterfly #VoodooButterfly  on Facebook. I didn't get it. Some days later, I went to Amazon and got it. But the trail from Camille Fay's mention (or whoever posted the original I saw), cannot be measured as a social sale because the trail died.

This is an excelltnhe post by the brilliant and way cool +Jay Baer  (author of YouTility, 1 of my MUST READ books for authors and biz owners alike). Check this out and consider how it affects your book marketing

Some book marketing tips:
1. Encourage social sharing right in your book as well as on your blog/site and in social media.
2. Create a hashtag for your book. Put it into the book and encourage readers to use it when spreading the word online.
3. Spend more time in the networks your readers (ideal customer/market) use.

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Reshared post from +Jay Baer

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Author: Spin Your Book into Niches following Jay Baer's Example

+Jay Baer  is the author of 1 of the books on my MUST READ list. It's called YouTility

His latest book is nichified. YouTility is for business people, now he takes his same system and slatns it for real estate professionals.

How can you aply this principle to your own systems and nonfiction books? Reply in the comments.

Here's his new book. Please share with any of your friends or colleagues in real estate.

Reshared post from +Jay Baer

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