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Leader Dog Jemma and author Ronda Del Boccio on the Lions Club float. Behind them, a Snowman wears glasses. Beside them is the mascot Lion.

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3 Random Facts about Me

I thought you might like to know 3 random facts about me so you have a sense of who I am.

  1. When I was young, my dad worked as a Master of Ceremonies at a classy night club that did a full variety show 7 nights a week. He got home very late, and I would go lie on the floor just inside the door so he could be the prince 5o awake Sleeping Beauty from the evil spell.
  2. I used to write Doctor Who fan fiction when I was in  high school.
  3. As a child, I could never watch the 3 Stooges, because their violence toward each other made me cry. I still find aggression upsetting.

2 Things I LOVE to do that affect YOU!*

>My favorite things to do are writing fiction and helping visionary, life-changing individuals turn their purpose and passion into published books.

As for fiction, I adore writing visionary fiction stories that stick with you long after you have finished reading. And be careful what you say and do, because I'm a keen observer and an attentive eavesdropper! You just might end up as a villain in my next novel!Helping authors is such fun! I love hanging out with people who love stories and want to make a difference.

Short bio

I am an author, speaker and mentor living in rural Missouri with my beautiful guide dog Jemma. A contributor in 24 books, I am the author of several books of my own, including #1 Bestseller, Mover and Shaker, The Peace SeedPersonal and Global Transformation through StorytellingThe Instant VIP,  Instant Author Formula: 6 Simple Methods for How to Write a Book FAST!, My fiction books include, A Tasty Morsel and The Assassin and the Prince.

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Street Cred

Here is what some of my students & I have accomplished with the help of the BLISS System:

  • Lasse Rouhiainen  became an international #1 best selling author within hours of releasing his first book, Smart Social Media. He achieved equally rapid success with the Spanish version of this book as well as the English and Spanish versions of 101 Video marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses. His books are still strong sellers months later.
  • Chris Downs reached #1 bestseller status in just 18 hours after his book How to Grow Great Heirloom Tomatoes hit Kindle. This book is a consistent top seller well over a year after release, which is not all that easy to do today... unless you have the right systems.
  • Jeremy Boone made 1 phone call that created 15,000 book sales while I was his mentor.
  • Amazon put my fiction book The Assassin and the Prince as the headline book in a customer mailer to fantasy fiction fans.
  • My and my students' books hit bestseller within anywhere from 2 hours to 10 days of publication.

When you work with any of my programs, you start by tapping into the true power behind your book. Everything you do goes back to your core message. Then, as  you write, publish, share and serve, you provide the perfect solutions and stories that your ideal readers CRAVE.