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4 in 5 people WANT to write a book…many THINK about it for years…

isn’t it time to stop WANTing to share your message as a successful author and start EXPERIENCING it?

  • No more procrastination.
  • No more worrying your book/message is (or YOU are) not good enough.
  • No more waiting for “the right time”

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It breaks my heart and brings me to tears when I meet brilliant, visionary authors-in-the-making who are suffering. Here are some sample comments I received during Q&A Sessions:

“My book has been ‘in progress’ since 1986. I am at a loss.” P from Colorado

“I am so scattered and all over the place. I’ve been working on my book for years but it’s not out yet.” A from France

“I have completed every suggested task for an indie-author. All of my I have “joined the conversation” and have a great deal of positive feedback. What else do I have to do?” M from New Jersey

“How can I make book marketing FUN?” – S from Ohio

I’m working easily 40+ hours a week at marketing my book. People have reviewed my book with sincere enthusiasm. But I only sell an average of 1 or 2 books a day. What can I do to get my book to the next level? Selling lots of books every day?” M from California

“I was always told if I wanted to be successful as an author, I HAD to write nonfiction, but my dream is to write fiction.” A from Illinois

The World DESPERATELY Needs Your Book–and YOU!

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The Awakened Author Adventure PREMIUM membership provides inspiration, resources and direction to help visionaries like you write, publish and share life-changing books.

Your guide on this adventure is bestselling author, speaker and mentor Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady – namely ME. I’m PASSIONATE about helping world-changers become bestselling authors with joy, grace and ease so that you truly follow your BLISS while reaching your goals.

The BLISS Butterfly Author Success System truly puts the fun and joy into writing and sharing your message.

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JOIN the Awakened Author ADVENTURE PREMIUM Membership FREE for 7 days right now and your book can go from “to-do” to “It’s DONE and I’m PUBLISHED!

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During your FREE 7-day mini-adventure, you get your first week of daily inspirational and action-oriented messages to help you quit procrastinating and start WRITING! – Value $47/month

As a full-fledged Premium  Member, you’ll continue to receive an uplifting and motivating message every weekday.

During your FREE 7-day mini-adventure, you get 1 sample week of the Premium Members Call. Value $497

Once you’ve had a sample, you’ll be hooked! The weekly call means you get support as you

  • Write your book
  • Publish your book
  • Market your book
  • Develop a powerful entrepreneur mindset
  • Build your business around your book (whether that means coaching, consulting, speaking, &/or info products)
  • Create prosperity systems 
  • Leverage your expertise
  • Find joint venture and promotion partners
  • Develop your affiliate program & train your evengelists
  • and more!

NOW you want to know…”What Do I Get As a Member of the Awakened Author ADVENTURE?”

Here are your Premium Membership Benefits each month…

Brief Weekly Action-Oriented Inspiring Messages to Keep You on Track – value $47/month

These brief nuggets are designed to keep you both inspired and in ACTION, and each is only about 10-minutes long, so you can listen during your commute, walk, exercise or break.

Here are a week of sample topics:

  • I AM worthy
  • Deciding what to write about
  • Don’t be a surprise
  • Where do the people hang?
  • What product should I create?

Attend a weekly LIVE call exclusively for Premium Members – Value $1,997/month

You are setting yourself apart as an awakened author who yearns to make a differrence in the world with your books and your work…and so each week you get a live call where I help Gold Challenge members and my mentoring students live in a group setting.

Need help with copyright? Setting up your blog? Traffic? Formatting? Bring all your questions to the weekly calls.

1 hour of my mentoring is $1,000…so 48 lessons over a year = $48,000 value

Each week, 1 member gets personalized attention to help you transform your expertise and wisdom into a book in the Cocoon of Transformation!

This week, soon-to-be published author Kris Gilbertson is in the Cocoon of Transformation! She teaches authors and business owners how to joint venture with iTunes and host a podcast. I'm a student in her fabulous program, by the way...and I can't WAIT to see her book!Next week is also booked for the Cocoon. May 23 is something special, so no Cocoon that day. May 16 and 30 are open.If you would like some personalized attention on your project in the group setting, let me know.

And if you can’t make it, don’t worry, because

Weekly Premium Call Recordings - Value $97/month

YES! You get a whole BUNCH of live Gold calls PLUS the recordings so you can listen again. Play the calls in the background while you’re working on things to let the learning “soak in” on autopilot.

Listen to the Premium Calls on the go with the Awakened Author Adventure Premium Member Call Podcast – Value $97/month

Not only are all the calls recorded, but you also get them in a private RSS feed so you can add them to your favorite pod player and/or download the calls easily. No need to fish through the blog posts by date. All the audios with all the questions answered are all in one place for you!

AND…there’s MORE!

Then – continue receiving ALL the Premium Member Benefits for a small tuition of only $19.95/month – that’s less than $5 per week!

Plus – a step by step course on how to write and publish a book…Begin YOUR Awakened Author ADVENTURE online writing course – Value $997!

FREE 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge Membership Card

Begin the Awakened Author CHALLENGE course, which takes you from no book to published author in 30 days! YES, you write, publish and market a book in just a month..

Each day for 30 days, I guide you through writing, publishing and promoting your book. You have a new message. The day you begin is Day 1, which is an “orientation” day. Starting Day 2 and every OTHER day thereafter is a new lesson or “module” in the challenge.

Time will fly, so be sure to commit yourself to the process and follow the plan every day. Because when you follow this proven plan, you will be a published author, and you’ll have your first sale, and you’ll be on the way to building a legacy to prosper you and your family as you live and leave your legacy!

Here’s what to expect during the 30 Day Awakened Author Adventure. As each day’s learning becomes available to you, notice that a link will appear so you can get to any of the modules even after your 30 days are complete.

Total value – $2,238 per month! – yours FREE for 7 days!

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I can hardly wait to see a picture of YOU holding your book in your hands!

Follow your bliss’

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

#1 bestselling author and Celebrity Author Mentor

PS – How long has writing a book been on your “bucket list”? Isn’t it TIME for you to live your purpose, leave your legacy and become a successful published author?

PPS – How long have you put your dreams on hold waiting for “things to slow down?

PPPs – Remember – you can keep putting that book on the back burner…and the longer you do, the more you lose money, clients, and prestige every single day!

PPPPS Check out the successfully published visionaries who have worked with me – they’re listed below!

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